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in 16-18 months!

At IBC Ft.Wayne, Our Students Finish First

Everything we do at International Business College is so you can Finish First.

  • Programs are accelerated, so you get in and get done in 16-18 months.
  • Classes are smaller and focus on the skills employers need, so your learning can be relevant.
  • Proactive career services are offered to graduates, so you have help finding a good job.

Find out more about how we help students Finish First through our student resources, career-focused programs, and career services.  

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Employment growth since 1989 has been driven entirely by those with an education beyond high school.

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For over 100 years, International Business College has offered career-focused programs in many of the fastest growing occupations.  Conveniently located in Fort Wayne, IN, our programs are designed to be completed by full-time students in 16-18 months, depending on the program and degree option that you choose. Some of our programs include an externship, where students get to learn from real-world experiences.  

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Senate Scan Event 5/17

Spreading the love! One of Student Senate's annual traditions is donating baskets to SCAN (Stop Child Abuse & Neglect). Thank you to all of the students who donated!