Veterinary Technology Spotlight

Veterinary Technology
18-month Associate of Applied Science Degree


The Vet Tech Institute at International Business College offers an 18-month veterinary technology program. Throughout the 18-month program, students spend time in a variety of hands-on classes and have access to animals throughout the program.

“Some schools bring animals in for a day for students to learn necessary skills, like proper handling. Our onsite kennel means students have continual access to animals and are responsible for their care during kennel duty. Our students really bond with the animals and it’s pretty common for our students to adopt at least one of them,” said Kristin Husband, RVT and program manager for the Vet Tech Institute at International Business College.

The size of our school also sets the Vet Tech Institute apart. “We really are a family. Our students know that we want them to succeed and our offices are open for them to ask questions and get help when needed,” said Husband. “We are their cheerleaders and are there for them. The best part about my job is working with the students and seeing their growth throughout the program,” continued Husband.

Our smaller classes really come into play during the surgical rotation term where students are broken into teams of 3-4 students to assist in surgeries. During the surgical term, surgeries are performed two times per day, four days a week. Having a smaller class size means students have more frequent opportunities to assist.

Students also spend time working at local farms when they begin their large animal studies. During that term, students spend one day a week at a local farm working on their essential skills. They also help out doing whatever might be needed that day around the farm, from performing vaccinations to deworming. “One time a veterinarian was onsite performing an emergency surgery on an ill cow the day our students were there. The veterinarian allowed our students to assist with the surgery! It was an amazing experience for our students,” said Husband.

 “Having a passion for animals is really just the foundation for becoming a vet tech. There is a lot of science and learning to be the voice for an animal. It’s almost detective work to figure out why an animal is in pain since they can’t tell us,” said Husband.

If you have a passion for animals and want to learn more about the veterinary technology program, give us a call or request more information.